General Business Terms and Conditions

General business terms and conditions of TILE CZ s.r.o. administrating the website based: Konečného 1941/8, Ostrava 10, 71000, Czech Republic. The company is incorporated in the Company Register of the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, Inset 16999, Identification No.: 25381067

1. Preamble

These Business Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of goods via the internet store (hereinafter the "e-shop" only) and regulate the mutual rights and obligations between Seller and Customer within the purchase of goods via the e-shop.

The Customer is a visitor of the website who places a regular purchase order via the e-shop.

For the relationship between the Seller and the Customer, these Business Terms and Conditions are in force as amended and available at the time a Customer places the order. The rights and obligations of both the Seller and Customer are governed by the law of the Czech Republic. A purchase contract via the e-shop can be concluded in Czech or English.

E-shop offers are in force until items are sold out of stock.

2. Purchase Order

The Seller offers his goods via the Internet at The e-shop environment enables a Customer to browse through goods currently offered in the catalogue, search for items in demand, and order selected goods. An order is placed by a Customer and submitted to the Seller electronically, directly from the e-shop environment.

An order placed in this manner represents a valid and binding draft of purchase contract and contains all the terms required for an order form.

By placing an order, a Customer confirms that he is familiar with these Business Terms and Conditions and agrees with them.

The Seller is authorized to reject an order if a Customer does not fulfill their obligation to accept the goods or to pay the purchase price, or if he have previously not accepted or duly paid for goods delivered on past orders. The Seller is entitled to reject an order if the ordered goods cannot be supplied.

A purchase contract is concluded when a Customer confirms his order to the Seller. In accordance with the purchase contract, a Customer is especially obliged to accept the ordered goods and pay the purchase price, including the shipping and handling fee. In accordance with the purchase contract, the Seller is especially obliged to supply the ordered goods.

A Customer may cancel the order without any sanctions only until the moment when preparation of goods is in the progress, about which a Customer is notified by e-mail. In other cases the Seller is entitled to request reimbursement of the provably incurred costs. Order cancellation and the correction of errors made when entering data before placing an order can be made the Customer by phoning at 00420-724-193465, via the contact form or by e-mail at

3. Purchase Price, Delivery and Payment Terms

The purchase price means the price specified for the item in question in the catalogue at the moment when a Customer is placing an order. All prices specified in the catalogue are in Czech crowns (CZK) for Czech language mutation, in EUR for English language mutation and always exclude VAT.

If not specified otherwise, the stated prices apply to the selected item of goods in accordance with the description. The Seller pledges to only supply goods that are in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications and properties that are customary for the item in question, in compliance with the relevant standards, regulations, and directives in force within the territory of the Czech Republic. The Seller is obliged to fulfill its obligations duly, in time, and with due care, and it is also obliged to protect the rights and rightful interests of a Customer in a reasonable manner.

The Seller will deliver the goods to a Customer usually within 7-10 days from confirming the order and it depends on ordered amount. The delivery address specified by a Customer in an order form is the place of delivery of the goods.

The Seller shall deliver the goods based on the Customer's selection:

- territory of the czech republic: via the courier service PPL (PPL CZ s.r.o., Company ID: 25194798, registered in the Commercial Register at the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, File 105858).

- outside the territory of the Czech republic: after confirmation of the order is carrier and shipping price proposed to teh customer via email or phone call; customer agree with shipping costs or cancel order

You can choose one of the following payment methods:

- cash on delivery (COD)

- advance payment via a standard bank transfer

4. Accepting the Goods

The Customer is obliged to duly accept the goods from the courier service , to verify the number of parcels and to check that the packaging is not damaged, and if there are any defects, to notify the courier service immediately. If breakage or damage is discovered, we recommend that a Customer reject the shipment in their own interest. By signing the bill of sale/invoice, the Customer confirms that the shipment has fulfilled all the aforementioned conditions and terms, and later claims that the shipment's packaging was damaged will not be taken into consideration.

If the Customer rejects the goods without any justified reason, the Seller is entitled to charge him/her a contractual penalty of 10% of the purchase price of the goods and the amount of the shipping charge for delivery of the goods back to the Seller.

The ownership right to the goods shall be transferred to the Customer when the purchase price is paid in full and the goods are accepted.

5. Personal Data Protection

The Customer's personal data that forms a part of the order is considered confidential information, and it is protected against misuse. By concluding the contract, the Customer grants permission for processing and collecting Customer's personal data included in the purchase order, by TILE CZ s.r.o. as personal data administrators or legal subjects contractually authorized by the administrator to process personal data in order to market products and services, to measure customer satisfaction, and for market research as well as for sending business related messages pursuant to the Act no. 480/2004 Coll., on Certain Information Society Services, as amended, until the Customer's objection to such processing of personal data is expressed in writing. The Customer is entitled to access his/her personal data and to its correction, including other legal rights, in accordance with Article 21 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection. Provision of personal data by a Customer is voluntary. If a Customer does not wish to receive information on offered goods and services, he will inform the Seller about it at the infoline on 00420-724-193465, via contact form or the e-mail address:


6. Withdrawal from a Contract, Replacement of Goods, Complaints

The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract no later than 14 days from the receipt of the goods. By this deadline is the Customer obliged to return the undamaged goods without any sign of use or wear and tear, preferably in the original packaging to the Seller at the Customer's own expense to the address TILE CZ s.r.o., Konečného 1941/8, Ostrava 10, 71000, Czech Republic. The Customer is obliged to inform the Seller about his/her intention to withdraw from the contract via e-mail sent to, via contact form or a registered letter mailed to the aforementioned mailing address. The Seller will not accept returned goods shipped as Cash on Delivery. After receiving returned goods, the Seller will refund the relevant amount related to the purchase of goods to a Customer in the manner agreed in advance, usually via bank transfer. The Seller's costs (if any) related to the return of goods will be paid by the Customer. The right to withdraw from the Agreement may not be exercised for goods requiring professional assembly if the goods have already been assembled for the Customer.

No after-sale services are provided for goods. A warranty is provided in accordance with Article 619 et seq. of the Civil Code. Immediately after the delivery of goods, a Customer is obliged to examine individual items and without any undue delay, inform the Seller on discovered defects (if any). If the Customer discovers any difference between what is written in the invoice and the actually delivered goods (e.g. in terms of the type or quantity), or if the Customer does not receive a properly completed invoice with the delivery, the Customer is obliged to inform the Seller in writing promptly.

Any goods that are the subject of a Customer complaint shall be shipped by the Customer at the Customer's own expense to the Seller. The Customer will describe such defects and their manifestations as accurately as possible and will prove that the goods were purchased in the e-shop.

Complaint procedure:

1. The Customer will inform the Seller via contact form, e-mail: or at the phone: 00420-724-193465.

2. The Customer will send the goods as a registered package or the Seller's correspondence address (TILE CZ s.r.o., Konečného 1941/8, Ostrava 10, 71000), not for cash on delivery.

3. The Customer will specify the reason for complaint and include the bill of sale with the shipment.

These Business Terms and Conditions shall take effect on 1st of November 2013.