Two-Piece Plastic Handles 146 mm Maximize

Two-Piece Plastic Handles 146 mm

Two-Piece Plastic Handles, length 146 mm

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Quantity discount -25% on 100.000 pieces

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Two-Piece Plastic Handles 146 mm

Two-Piece Colored Carrying Plastic Handles for PackagingPlastic handles are not only used for the easy and secure gripping of paper packaging materials, they are also designed to enhance the look and performance of existing packaging. The complete image of the product will not only set your packaging apart from the competition, but also significantly affect consumer behaviour.

The TILE CZ, s.r.o. Company offers two basic types of ergonomic plastic handles: one-piece and two-piece handles. The one-piece handles consist of one element, which is, by simply turning and sliding, inserted in box handle die-cuts. The two-piece handles are additionally equipped (compared to the one-piece handles) with a solid base to which the top part is inserted. This creates a more robust and stronger support for the package.

The right selection of the appropriate handle depends on several factors, such as the type and size of the packaging material, its carrying capacity and the required length of the gripping part of the handle. Minimum order is 3.000 pieces. The price can be negotiated in case of a larger order. 

The customer chooses a colour according to the colour of the packaging. We offer three basic colours - black, white and transparent. The plastic handles can be produced also in other colours from the RAL palette according to the customer’s request.


Specification - Component 1

Reference Length Width Depth Capacity Color
PH-02146C1T 143 mm 34,5 mm 2,15 mm 10 Kg Transparent
PH-02146C1W 143 mm 34,5 mm 2,15 mm 10 Kg White
PH-02146C1B 143 mm 34,5 mm 2,15 mm 10 Kg Black


 Two-Piece Plastic Handles - Specification


 Specification - Component 2

Reference Length Height Width Capacity Color
PH-02146C2T 146 mm 25,2 mm 18 mm 10 Kg Transparent
PH-02146C2W 146 mm 25,2 mm 18 mm 10 Kg White
PH-02146C2B 146 mm 25,2 mm 18 mm 10 Kg Black



Two-Piece Plastic Handles - Specification

Quantity discount

Product Reference       0 - 50.000 pcs         50.000 - 100.000 pcs 100.000 - 300.000 pcs
Two-Piece Plastic Handles 146 mm PH-02146 N/A - 12% - 25%


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